Rainbow Steps Handbook

Rainbow Steps Preschool Page 9 Parent Handbook Snacks We ask parents to provide daily snacks for their child’s classroom on a rotating basis following a schedule distributed at the beginning of the school year. Each family will be responsible for one week’s snacks approximately three times during the school year, including their birthday week if possible. Summer birthdays are celebrated during the last week of school with the school providing a special snack. Each day during your snack week, you are asked to provide the snack and water for your child’s class, as well as cups and napkins. If your child is absent during his/her snack week, we keep a supply of back-up snacks on hand so you do not need to worry about getting a snack to the class. Our desire is to have nutritious, low fat, low sugar foods available. We suggest items such as fruits, vegetables, breads, yogurt, crackers and cheese rather than cookies or other sweets. A complete list of suggestions will be provided with the snack schedule. We have access to a refrigerator and freezer for snacks that must be kept cold. Snacks should be sent ready-to-eat, requiring no additional preparation such as peeling, chopping, or coring. In classrooms where a child has allergies, we send a list of peanut-free and approved snacks to make shopping easier. Field Trips Rainbow Steps does not provide transportation for field trips. Pre-K Plus classes schedule occasional trips and parents provide transportation. Parents receive all specific information, safety policies, and guidelines before the scheduled trip. Parents are required to sign permission forms acknowledging receipt of the details, guidelines, policies and giving permission for their child to attend the trip. Illness Children who are not feeling well cannot participate fully in the activities planned for the classroom. For your child’s well being, and the protection of classmates, please keep your child home when s/he is ill. Teachers with current, valid training in the management of communicable diseases according to rule 5101:2-12-27 of the Administrative Code shall observe each child upon arrival at the preschool. Children who appear to be ill will be isolated on a cot and a parent will be called. The child will be kept away from the other children, but within sight and hearing of a staff member at all times. The child will be kept warm and comfortable until a parent or designee arrives. If your child is diagnosed with a communicable disease, please notify us. We will notify parents that the children have been exposed to an illness. At the next scheduled class time, we will send a note home with each child in the class. In order to aid in the prevention of communicable illnesses in the classroom, daily sanitizing is done on all frequently touched surfaces. Classroom materials are cleaned and bleached regularly.