Rainbow Steps Handbook

Rainbow Steps Preschool Page 11 Parent Handbook Fire drills are held monthly at varying times and a record of these will be maintained in the office. Severe weather drills will be held in September, October, March, April and May. We will also have emergency evacuation and lock-down drills as required by ODJFS. In the case of an emergency requiring evacuation or early dismissal, our emergency procedures will be followed. Children’s Enrollment and Medical Forms will be taken with us and parents will be notified with instructions for pick-up. We cannot transport children in the event of an emergency. A complete MEDICAL/DENTAL and GENERAL EMERGENCY PLAN is posted in each classroom. We will review these with you at any time. An emergency plan is in place that details the instructions for emergencies including fire, severe weather, lock-down and evacuation. All staff are trained in emergency procedures. All precautions are taken to keep the children safe while in our care. The above information is provided to let you know that we have plans and procedures to follow in case of a true emergency. The health and safety of your child is foremost in our minds. Additional Safety Policies 1. No child will ever be left alone or unsupervised. 2. The only people who may pick up a child are those listed on the emergency authorization form. Staff will not release a child to a person who is not on the form. Staff will ask for ID of persons they do not recognize. Custody agreements must be on file in the office and instructions will be followed. 3. The staff has immediate access to a working telephone. We are linked to the county 911 ID system and our location information is correct as it appears on their screens. 4. The child’s medical form will be updated yearly and kept on file in our office. 5. Spray aerosols shall not be used at any time when children are present at school. Cleaning equipment, disinfectants, etc. shall be kept in locked areas away from the preschool classrooms. 6. We do not schedule water or swimming activities. 7. The administrator and each employee of the facility is required under Section 2151.421 of the Ohio Revised Code to report their suspicions of child abuse or child neglect to the local public children’s services agency. School Closings When the Pickerington schools are closed due to inclement weather, we will also close . Please watch the local news stations for closing information. In addition we ask that all parents and caregivers sign up for our REMIND system which will send text messages regarding school closings/delays and other information. Class-specific codes for this system will be included in your child’s class information packet in September. If the Pickerington Schools are operating on a delay, we will follow an amended schedule. Morning (AM) classes: 10 to 12 Afternoon (PM) classes: 1 to 3 If the administrators feel that the weather or road conditions are not safe, we will call parents and inform them of the cancellation of classes. The schools may be able to transport with the busses and remain open, but in some cases preschoolers do not need to be out!