Rainbow Steps Handbook

Rainbow Steps Preschool Page 6 Parent Handbook pulling in and out. • If you wish to walk in with your child, please park in the lot, and wait until all the cars in the lines have been loaded/unloaded. Then you may walk in with your child. Please see that s/he gets to the teacher and the teacher acknowledges that the child has arrived. • If you need to pick your child up early and cannot wait in the line, please park and come inside for your child. Then exit the building before the teachers dismiss the other children and the car lines start to move. Teachers are quite busy with the children during arrival and dismissal times, so please wait until all children have arrived or been dismissed (or send a note) if you need to speak with the teacher. • In the event of severe weather (storms and lightning) 3-day classes will arrive/dismiss at Door A. The Pre-K line will stop and teachers will return to the building until conditions allow the teachers and the children to move safely outside. Release of Children It is understood that parents or a parent-designee (e. g., grandparents or a child care provider) may be dropping off and picking up children for the preschool sessions. Children may be walked in and out by parents or may be taken and returned to the car in the lines by a teacher. Authorization for other responsible adults (child care providers and those in car-pool situations) to pick up your child is to be provided on the Enrollment and Health Information form. NO child will be released to anyone whose name does not appear on the form unless we have received a call or note from the parent with other instructions. If you will not be picking up your child, please alert us by sending a note with your child giving us the name of the person who is to pick up your child. ID will be required from persons not familiar to the teachers or directors. If an unforeseen emergency arises which will affect your ability to arrive on time for pick- up, please call the school at (740) 862-0425. Anyone having special custody arrangements should provide a copy to our office and discuss the arrangements with the classroom teachers and an Administrator. Health Concerns A health form, completed annually and signed by your child’s doctor, is kept in each child’s file. This form includes an immunization history, allergy notifications, handicapping conditions and other pertinent information. Parents of children with medical conditions requiring regular medications must meet with the administrators. This includes children who have allergies and have an EpiPen (Epinephrine Auto-Injector) . A special Medical Consent form (available in our office) must be completed and written instructions must be filed. In addition, the parent must sign stating that he/she has instructed the teacher regarding special care instructions for their child. EpiPens or inhalers will be labelled and stored in the child’s classroom along with the parent’s written instructions for use.