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Learning is fun
at Rainbow Steps

Through our school year students at Rainbow Steps participate in dozens of special activities designed for fun and educational opportunity.

Teacher engaged with studentsPlay is a way to learn and develop. It carries learning to new levels, so we work hard at having fun.

(Read more about the theory on our "Secrets" page.)

Holidays around the world

Christmas partyAt Christmas time, we cut out our own tickets, paste up our own passports, and visit places like Germany, Israel, Sweden, India, Mexico and other places that celebrate the holiday season differently than we do. Like many things we do, it's fun and educational.

Monarch butterfly migration

At Rainbow Steps, students don't just talk about a subject like migration, we live it!

Butterfly on flowers We raise our own Monarchs so that children are able to see each caterpillar eat lots of milk weed, form its chrysalis, undergo metamorphosis, and finally open up into a beautiful Monarch.

It's a bittersweet day when we go outside to release them on their way south.


Boy and girl in Thanksgiving costumes The very first Thanksgiving nearly 400 years ago was celebrated by only 50 people of several faiths and nationalities.

Our school celebration has a bit of dress up, a few samples of good food, and a lot of sharing between costumed Indians and Pilgrims.

While we enjoy the preparation, we also take time to communicate some of the values and blessings that we enjoy: liberty, safety, integrity, and friendship.

Field Trips

Field trips are fun for our older students, but there's more to it. Students get a level of understanding to aid play, and they gain enriched vocabulary. It's also a chance to travel without one's parents, which is an important learning experience.


Getting-to-know-you party

Family walking with picnic basket 
As school is starting each year, we gather children and their parents for an introductory party.

It's a chance for you to spend some time with your child at school meeting your new teacher, and orienting everyone to the classrooms.

Mothers Day tea

Tea cup It's always a special day when Mom gets to visit school. And, there's always a special surprise prepared just for her. A song or two, and some baked goods and fruit, are part of this unique day.

Veterans Day

Girl smiling with Vet's helmetIn November, we take time to learn about how our armed forces protect our country and our way of life.

Veterans (always a few of them are dads and grandfathers) visit with helmets and vehicles that create a lot of excitement, awe, and appreciation for what they do.
Veteran with student

Dad's night

Dad and daughterFathers don't usually get to visit school as often, so we make sure that one night a year is especially for him.

Children tour Dad around the class, including a special project gift. It's over in an hour, but packed with fun.

Spring picnic

Boy with hot dog When the end of the year comes, we get together one last time to say good bye.

For a few, it's the tearful end of their Rainbow Steps experience. But for most, it's beginning a short vacation until we're together again.

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