Finest facility

Rainbow Steps is a non-denominational school located inside The Grove Community Christian Church.

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With large, fully air conditioned class rooms and indoor play space dedicated to the school, the church makes an ideal loving, peaceful environment for learning.

If you're looking for a church in the Pickerington area, we encourage you to consider The Grove Community Christian Church as your place of worship.

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Highest standards

Rest assured: our curriculum and procedures fully meet Ohio Department of Education standards for preschool education.

Ohio Department of Education

In fact, we're proud to have visiting student teachers and field-study students from Ohio University assigned to Rainbow Steps so that they study a first-class preschool first-hand: Rainbow Steps.
Here are just a few of the standards that we meet and exceed:

  • Individual instruction. We beat the standards of 1:12 for teacher-to-student ratio. Rainbow Steps is much better, usually running 1 to 8.
  • Clean surroundings. We exceed sanitation standards every day, all day.
  • Solid record-keeping. Student health records and special needs training are always up-to-date.
  • Safeguards. Every staff member receives top-notch first aid, and communicable disease training.
  • Leading-edge instruction. Every staff member receives up-to-date continuing education.
  • Rest assured. Playground and indoor recreational equipment exceed state standards.
  • Superior preparation. We exceed lesson planning and academic standards demanded of teachers.
Because we are not a day care center, your child is with the same teachers in the same room for the entire school year. There's no daily shifting of pupils from room to room to maintain proper care ratios.

Read what they're saying!

“After our son Daniel completed his years at Rainbow Steps, there was no other school considered for Sara... then Andrew... then Christian... and now our new baby. We're really in love with the people at Rainbow Steps”

Dan and Kim Smith

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Social media comments

"My son has been there since September, and he's grown leaps and bounds! The best decision we've made for our son."

"Rainbow Steps is WONDERFUL!!"

Great choice! My little brother, now 23, went there. Both my sons and my daughter went there!! Best school I could have put them in!"

"The teachers and staff are AMAZING!"

"You won't regret it! They are the best!"

"We love it so much, and have nothing but wonderful things to say. Both my sons will be going in the fall."

“Public school teachers rave about the learning readiness of every Rainbow Steps pupil. How they do it, we don't know. But the results are what counts, and that's why all three of our kids attended. Rainbow Steps is the best.”

Mindy & Jim Jackson

“It's a loving and caring school environment. Every one of our five children had the normal trepidations about starting school, but from Day One, each one just loved it there. We wouldn't think about any other school than Rainbow Steps”

Amy & Sam LeMaster

“All of our four children are different, with different personalities. At Rainbow Steps, the teachers partnered with us to light up a tremendous interest in education in all four, and they make sure that every child has fun while they learn.”

Denise and Bo Wilson

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